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Get Tight,


Massive-Sounding Mixes.


We'll do whatever it takes to get your mixes to the next level!



My name is Ruben Zafra and I'm a mixing and mastering engineer based in Spain. 

I get involved in every project as if it was mine because I feel like the connection between the band and the producer must be reflected in the final product.

Every band is different, let's find your sound!

Why me?

  • It can be the difference between proudly showing off your music or being so embarrassed you never release it.

  • It can be the difference between getting signed or being stuck in "local band hell" forever. 

  • It can be the difference between getting streams or getting ignored. 

More than 60,000 new songs are added to Spotify EVERY SINGLE DAY. No one wants yet another trash-sounding song mix added to the pile.

Hit the button to hear my work! 

Songs will stay FOREVER. We are making history! Let's talk about your project!





I only offer three services and I mostly work with metal bands. This is because audio is now a world of specialization. You simply cannot be good at everything.

I am one of the best at mixing and mastering metal bands because I've narrowed my focus on only these two services.

"If your project requires special needs, let's chat about it! We can make it happen" 


If the project needs it, we can go and check your songs and see if there is something we could re-arrange or add production so we make them more powerful and competitive!

I would also send you some documents with pre-production tips, recording tips if needed and organization. 


Once I have all the tracks recorded at ANY studio, I would start mixing it to make it sound proffesional and as good as possible.


Tight, powerful, huge, balanced with massive low end that will slam your eardrums to the next dimension. 


Every project is unique and every band it's different, let's find your sound!


After mixing is done, it's time to refine and polish the tracks and make them LOUD! 

We all want a comptetitive level that competes with all the other releases out there and translate well to every device. 

LOSSYwes-hicks-MEL-jJnm7RQ-unsplash (1).



"When something is good, it doesn’t need to be explained that's it’s good. When you hear it, you know it’s quality, and a product that is viable to release to the masses! Ruben, our monster with his mixes. Can’t say enough good things about him, and the quality of their work!" 

"Hunter Madison, Hunt The Dinosaur"

"Working with Zafra Studios was a huge pleasure. 

Every composition and piece of my writing has been amplified in ways that left a massive impact and signature ambiance that is powerful and emanates brilliance in sound"


"Dany, Viscaya"


"The best that Ruben Zafra has is organization and quality of work. He sends documents where he details the process of recording, sending files, folders… and that makes it easy to work on the tracks. Sending different versions and telling him which changes you want to make, sound wise or little details, it’s very easy to communicate and to obtain the desired result as the client wants"

"Closing The Earth"

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